Fundraising Night Art's Complex

Fundraising Night Art's Complex
600€ to Spanish Schools

Fundraising Night Art's Complex: 600€ raised!

What happened on Friday 15th at Art’s Complex Edinburgh still echoes at the back of our minds. Numbers speak for themselves -one hundred thirty people attracted to an atypical Edinburgh afternoon and into a new venue, as far from the city centre as it was close to an incredible and kind support from the public and for a worthy cause. The excuse was merely enjoying an evening of Spanish first class cinema.

We were still working out the space when first attendees began to arrive. This picture may finely describe what the last three weeks before the event have been for us: a constant race running against time in the pursuit of making it real. In essence, we were all eager to just maintain CinemaAttic’s regular rate of audience yet you all know what happened...People were gradually showing up in constant flow, as much in large groups as in individual fashion. Places then began to dwindle, there were not enough seats yet people kept arriving -twenty more chairs became indispensable!

Genuine as always, not even half way through the night Angel Gavira informed us about our reaching four hundred pounds in donations! Magic made its presence with the understating of having fulfilled and space that three weeks ago was just silently barren. Our trademark underground improvised cinema packed with people that were chatting in circles and getting to know what we do. In simply doing so they were indirectly, with each coin, contributing to the education of Spanish children in need -the matter-fact cause. And yet another twenty chairs were necessary!

Seeing from the far distance of our desk at the time of writing this article -at the heat of the moment we were far from being able to comprehend what was really taking place!-, the overview of the place at the time was dream-like. The people moving sofas, their getting comfortable, their early approach to the playlist of films, the actual happening of the event was too good to be real. Besides, the selection of short films we had partnered to curate with ECAM, Mankuso Productions, I+G Stop Motion, individual directors or our friends from Marvin&Wayne was seemingly doing the job very well.

With the smooth reel of films, momentum was inching by the roaring of our ever-crucial strategy director Rafa Cueto -the very voice of experience- “Hell yeah! THIS is CinemaAttic –caringly home-made events, earthy attendants, premier Spanish and Latin-American independent films, a mixture of smiling and terrified sensations among the viewers, the sharing of deep impressions in the darkly whereabouts of the all pure underground cinema. The CinemaAttic experience has this time entered an abandoned inhabited hospital in the sake of community needs, leaving a beautiful legacy printed for the future projects to come.

And while it could be said that we did as usual by hitting the play button, the main and huge difference this time was YOU. Because it was any of you who decided to give it a go and join us at the Art's Complex to support the cause we have thrown up into the air. It was you who donated money to Spanish schools tackled by financial breakdown. It was you posting and sharing on the net, mentioning this to a friend in an any-space-whatever, café, bar or office while working. It was you who put an empty dancehall in Meadowbank upside down.

As hopefully you did, we also felt it was just different. We were witnessing a special night since wherever you looked around you could see someone with the same expression saying OMG! What is really going on?!

What happened on November 15th 2013 shows that hope can never be lost and this is part of the homage we owe you all. Thanks for making a mad idea real. Today that craze has become one of the most special nights in our short history and even most importantly: our efforts and your support brings out six hundred Euro grossed (!!!!), with which we will ensure an entire course of food for two children in Spanish primary schools. And that was all about, we made it, you made it.

Alberto M. Valverde

Press & Media

Fundraising night

Fundraising night
CinemaAttic and Art's Complex for schools in trouble

CinemaAttic at the Art’s Complex Edinburgh: Fundraising Film Night

Financial breakdown is causing havoc in nowadays Spain. The consequences the actual order of things is having on areas like education ought not to be underestimated. Not only young people are finding really hard to get into higher education due to sharp university fees increase, but primary schools are also facing the unbearable thickness of budget-cutting survival.

In CinemaAttic we understood that action should be taken and the positive impact our latest events are having over plural audiences could materialize in some kind of support. This is why we have decided to turn an already scheduled free-ticketed collaboration with Art’s Complex Edinburgh into a fundraising event. Spanish primary schools on the verge of financial collapse will be the receptors of this our latest initiative:

- We produce and curate a block of films composed by unseen-in-UK Spanish top-ten short films.

- We complement the selection with a couple of masterpieces from our database of classics. These will be donated, as their contribution, by key filmmakers we have worked with already.

- We organize the film night and partner with Art’s Complex to set up a cosy cinema in their superb premises on 151 London Road EH7 6AE Edinburgh.

- A donation bar and a solidarity pot will be available on the night as well as RBS bank account (number 00263473 sort code 831824) opened for the occasion and exclusively addressed to your contributions.

- We will ultimately transfer the raised money to -working for kids with schooling problems in Spain- and will cover the transfer fees ourselves.

- We invite you upon hoping you will tell your friends hence a large solidary crowd will come over. There is plenty of space at Art’s Complex for all of us!

Films and happenings then at the base of supportive events by which not only we aim to collect funds for schools in financial problems but arousing awareness of this terrible situation is for us fundamental too. We believe that cuts in education and the disturbance of schooling processes shall better be out of the question for any modern democratic society.

When and where is the event scheduled?

Friday the 15th of November 2013 at the Art’s Complex(151 London Road EH7 6AE Edinburgh).

Doors open at 6:30pm –event starts at 7pm for as long as two hours including breaks between films.

This is a FREE-TICKETED event and entrance will be permitted up to complete capacity.

Please support and follow our website, Facebook, Twitter and/or blog for last minute changes and latest news.

See you there!

CinemaAttic Productions

13 will no longer be an unlucky number for us. Quite the contrary, this ongoing 2013 has brought about one of the most exciting periods of our cinemaattic existence: April, May, June, September, October and the upcoming November and December will have left a print behind thanks to seven showcases with the best of Spanish & Latin-American cinema at our hosting venue Summerhall Edinburgh. Including unseen-in-UK treasures, couple of sold-out nights, the uniqueness of our cultural offer and loads, loads of friendship thanks to our communal passion for cinema, 13 is surely a lucky number for us!

Looking back though, five years ago cinemaattic was just a dream, a blog aiming to give way to thoughts and ideas sorrounding independent cinema. Our evolution has been remarkable. Nowadays we have a regular input of monthly cinema nights and we work as to become a referent in the exhibition of avant-garde Spanish, Iberian and Latin-American cinema in cities across Scotland in the long term. There are challenging plans ahead of us and I wanted to take this opportunity to re-open the blog, present the new team and share our excitement with you all. The last two editions of our 2013 festivals will leave no one apathetic....

Big news are the arrival of arts manager and events organizer Xose-Ramón "Mon" Rivas to our team as the new co-director of the platform, as well as the establishment of our core team with the continuing of 027Lab (Pepo Reyes and David Armingau) as our Production and Design team, the return to day-to-day involvement of Marta Aránega commanding the International PR from our headquarter in Barcelona as well as the very welcome role of Alberto Valverde by becoming our Press and Media guy. Crush Digital is the company that will deal with our online expansion now. I want to thank them all for joining.

As for the next two festivals, we are keeping up our collaboration with, largely, one of the best venues in town, Summerhall Edinburgh. We have prepared two very special nights of independent Spanish & Latin-American cinema on November the 7th and December the 5th. The two blocks have been curated alongside Barcelona-based Marvin & Wayne Distribution Company and will feature a very uncanny selection of recently awarded talents, starting for a pretty unsettling FANTASTIC WORLDS block.

Keep an eye on our re-newed blog because a preview of the films to be shown will be publish few days before the event.

Thanks for reading, see you in the cinema.

Founder, director

Bringing pioneer iniciatives to cities across Scotland

Bringing pioneer iniciatives to cities across Scotland
Summerhall Edinburgh, September 2013

Future Shorts April

Future Shorts April
Inspace Edinburgh

Future Shorts April: launch like a good lunch.

Future Shorts es un festival puntero en lo que a la esfera cortometrajista se refiere. Expandido por más de 50 ciudades cada treinta días, y con un programa de contenidos audiovisuales interesante mes a mes, parecía anecdótico que no hubiera encontrado cierta regularidad en Escocia. Más bien había sido un pequeño nómada de bar a venue y de venue a bar.
Inspace es por su parte es un espacio nada introvertido sino más bien un Narciso en una ciudad contenida. Una joyita en Edimburgo. Moderno y alzado al detalle con vidrio y paneles blancos, no abre sin embargo sus puertas con la regularidad que se esperaría. Cuestión de coquetería, perhaps.
Pero chico encontró a chica y chica encontró a chico. De momento para tres meses porque quieren darse tiempo, una paradita de Future Shorts en las dependencias de Inspace. A veces en tres meses pasan muchas cosas, o a veces uno se aburre y el otro coge más confianza de la necesaria, o ninguno entiende el argumento, o hay poca luz, o no caben todos...De momento a nosotros nos ha dado tiempo. Se han experimentado cosas.
El pasado sábado 2 de Abril fué el estreno de esta complicidad pasajera: Future Shorts albergado por Inspace -podemos ya adelantar que estamos deseando repetir.

CinemaAttic & Future Shorts

Since February 2010, CinemaAttic's former founder is also the Festival Reps of Future Shorts in Edinburgh. Future Shorts is the largest film festival within the shorts domain, taking place monthly in more than 50 cities around the world.
CinemaAttic, endlessly open to new initiatives, is helping to get Future Shorts established in the city of Edinburgh. Today, it is the Roxy Art House ex-manager Morvern Cunningham the other half of the team.

More on or

CinemaAttic&Future Shorts

CinemaAttic&Future Shorts
Photo by MaoArt Land

CinemaAttic at Hidden Door Festival

CinemaAttic at Hidden Door Festival, 22nd.24th October, Roxy Art House Edinburgh

Hidden Door was created just as much for the artists involved as it is for the audience and, for their second festival, collaboration is at the heart of everything they do.

We CinemaAttic have just partnered with Hidden Door, the future of cinematic arts in the city's cultural scene. If you love cinema then plug in to Impossible Journeys, an experience that draws on what we love of cinema while transforming the medium in its own subtle way.

Curated by CinemaAttic and based on an original idea by Hidden Door, we are presenting a fresh and powerful set of Spanish short films that are inspired by that touch that captures the essence of cinema and the endlessness of the human being.

The first block of screenings curated by CinemaAttic is a set of both fiction and animation films that combines two international collaborations of Spanish filmmakers with France and Indonesia respectively, alongside two remarkable works where crucial parts of Spanish culture are wisely explored. Thus, whereas La chanson de Satie and Erase love are a beautiful and engaging exploration of universal values such as love and death, Paseo and Minotauromaquia look at capital notions of Spanishness like the Civil War in Spain of the will to power of Pablo Picasso.

Then, the second block of films shows an interaction of well-recognized filmmakers with new.born talents. Here animation reigns over as to expose the superb works of Isabel Herguera and Juan Ibañez in perspective with the master of animation in Spain, Coke Riobóo. To close up in a cinematic manner we will be looking at the fresh and powerful cinematography of Edinburgh-based Spanish filmmaker Chico Pereira.

Finally, the last block of works is again a diverse set of films presenting a disturbing reflection on mass production, the magic of sand animation or state-of-the-art proposals by recently acclaimed artists such as Rubén Coca or the superb duo Bruno Zacharias&McGrego

Festival Norman McLaren-Spanish Animation today, reviews by Geoffrey Alexander

Title: "Norman McLaren Spanish Animation Today: converging identities?"
The festival opened at the MacRobert Centre, Stirling, on May 12th
2010, with a ninety minute programme of short films lasting between 4
and 9 minutes each.
Featured film makers were Norman McLaren, Marcos Andavert, Diego Audo
Pinilla, Florence Henrard & Carlos Porta, Arteleku (collaboratin of
different animators by composer Xabier Erkizia), Rafa Toro & Rosa
Ferrer Avila, Tomas Bases and Cesar Diaz Melendez.
Subject matter, style and tone varied considerably, making for a
memorable and enjoyable evening.
The festival, which was attended and sponsored by the Spanish film
consul, was followed by a beautifully played concert celebrating the
work of Frederic Chopin: Pianist Daniel Del Pino, violin David Otto
Castrillo, viola Ma Angeles Herroro Suarez-Barcena, cello Alvaro
Violinist Beatriz Pedro-Viejo was unable to come due to the grounding
of aircraft while the Icelandic volcano continued to erupt.
The MacRobert centre complimented the event with tapas served at the bar.
Day Two, Festival and Conference: 'An Approach to Spanish Short Film Animation'
The festival continued on May 13th with a programme of films followed
by a conference presented by Spain's most prolific animation expert,
Maria Luisa Martinez Barnuevo.
Twelve films were screened by filmmakers Norman McLaren, Alvaro Leon
Rodriguez, Juan Ibanez, Javier Ideami, Mayec Rancel, Carlos Navarro,
Muyi Neira, Marcos Valin & David Alonso, Cesar Esteban Alenta, Javier
Ideami, Juan Ibanez and Sam Orti.
Once again these films illustrated the importance of the short
animated film. Imaginative, versatile, thought provoking and
inspiring, the short film can take us to places inaccessible to other
art forms.
In her presentation Maria Barnuevo described how there is no bond
between mainstream film production and the short, the two follow
separate paths.
In 1941 Fernando Morales founded an animation studio in Madrid and
don Cleque ran his first animated series. That same year Norman
McLaren joined the NFB in Canada.
By the '50s Spanish animators had turned their talents mainly towards
publicity, returning to independent abstract art in the 1960s and
One of the early animators, Robert Balsar, also known as Bob Balser,
went on to be the animation director for Beatles' 1968 feature,
'Yellow Submarine,' where he was described as the level head who kept
everyone together.
By the 1990s a new generation of animators focused mainly on the
plastic arts using a variety of techniques.
The past ten years has seen the beginning of a unique author/audience
link through the Internet, greater use of clay stop-motion,
socialisation, and further development of new technologies.
The Spanish Ministry of Culture Archive accepts copies of films on
35mm, a luxury affordable only to those who enjoy solid funding. The
cost of making an animated film is typically around six thousand euros
per minute and the main potential for profit comes from prizes won at
Funding sources for Spanish animators include Animadrid, Animacor,
Animac and 3D Wire with preference given to those who attract the
largest box office.
The conference was well attended and concluded with a questions and
answers both in English and in Spanish.
Day Three, May 14, CinemaAttic Animation Festival: Roxy Art House Edinburgh
Spanish film makers flew over specially for the event and the films
played to a full house.
The programme opened with Norman McLaren's witty film, 'Neighbours,'
where the arrival of a flower results in two neighbours
destroying one another.
Featured filmmakers were Norman McLaren; Irene Iborra, David Gautier &
Eduard Puertas; Marcos Valin, Maria Monescillo & David Prieto;
Giovanni Maccelli; Fernando Cortizo; Anna Solanas & Marc Riba and Coke
Rioboo who answered questions at the end.
The films were Stop motion animations and, as before, included a wide variety
of stories and witty ideas.
The festival continues on May 20th at 6pm in the Wee Red Bar, 74
Lauriston Place Edinburgh, and concludes on May 22nd at the Roxy Art
CinemaAttic is the brainchild of Carlos Redondo and is named after
his private cinema.
cinema Attic -
graphic designer Luis Ancillo -
MacRobert Centre -
University of Stirling School of Languages, Cultures and Religions -
Roxy Art House, 2 Roxburgh Place EH8 9SU (nr the Festival Theatre) -
Wee Red Bar 74 Lauriston Place EH3 9DF (nr Tollcross) -
Spanish organisations:
Animadrid -
Animacor -
Animac -
3D Wire -
Chopin Circle In Scotland: Mr A Graham, Chopin Circle, 15 Carnbee
Park, Edinburgh EH16 6GE.
Further Resources:
A new website that may be of interest to animators - / history / timeline1941-1950.html
Useful links -
Cinema Europe in Spanish, English, Italian and French -
European Animation News (over a hundred links to Spanish studios) -
Film-O-Tech (on-line short film screening) -
International Movie Database -

The Roxy Art House screened the final show from the
five-day Spanish animation
festival on Saturday May 22nd.
Despite excellent posters, flyers and art work, attendance for all but one event was
below full capacity, the rare dose of blazing hot sunshine no doubt being a
contributing factor.
The short animated film holds a unique place in the world of the creative arts, no
other medium allows the same kind of ingenuity and engagement.
Many of the films screened would also look good in a digital photo-frame, 
their stylish visuals being viewable again and again.
The rendering of faces was one of the high points that characterised the festival
Films that stood out include "Minotauromaquia" (2004) by Juan Pablo Etcheverry, "The Garden Of Earthly Delights" and
‘’Shot’’ both by Juan Ibanez, ‘’The Werepig’’ by Sam Ortí and "Said's Journey" (2006) by Coke Riobóo, a twelve and a
half minute story of the dream of crossing the Mediterranean sea and living in the 'paradise' of Spain, a clay-animated
film where even the waves on the sea rippled realistically (and that, I was told afterwards, was no small feat). 
Thanks to CinemaAttic Coke Riobóo flew over for the festival and answered questions from the floor.
New screenings are seemingly on the way for all those who could not attend the 
official ones.
               END OF REVIEW

Geoffrey Alexander

CinemaAttic and Future Shorts

Hi there,

as some of you may know, apart from managing CinemaAttic, we are also volunteering with Future Shorts as their representative of the company in Edinburgh.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come to the latest edition: Future Shorts returns this month to present Colours, the May 2010 session of the world's largest global short film festival.
This intriguing programme features,amongst others, 'Father Christmas Doesn't Come Here', 'Pixels' and the quirky Flat Eric makes an appearance with Mr Oizo's new video 'Where's the money George?'... all this and much much more! Be part of a festival in motion.

We'll be screening it on Wednesday the 26th of May in our common place:
The Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh College of Art)
Doors opening at 6:00pm
Same prize £4 popcorns included!

As well as Colours, we'll be playing Shot, by Juan Ibañez, who kindly edited a very ultimate version of the film just for our Future Shorts screenings.

See you there!

Carlos Redondo
Festival Reps Edinburgh

Shot as part of Future Shorts May

Shot as part of Future Shorts May
Shot, by Juan Ibañez

Next screenings

Last day of the festival!!

Saturday 22nd of May, The Roxy Art House Edinburgh, doors opening at 4:30pm, screenings starting at 5:00pm the first block, and 7:00pm the second. There may be some surprises with regards to the films screened as we are preparing a release...

- 1st block: Diversity and inventiveness: the total artists. Fluctuating from a wide range of formats and skilfully accomplished techniques, the list of Spanish animated films grouped here are nothing less than the epitome of McLaren's career: inventiveness, spontaneity and powerful expressing quality.
2nd block: McLaren, Picasso and the conquer of the 3Dimensions: blurring lines. Both Norman McLaren and Pablo Picasso were artists who challenged the traditional forms of their own medium towards the possibilities of 3Dimensional art. This is an homage to them both built up upon a series of 3dimensional films in the will to find out where the dividing line between still painting and animation blurs.

The screenings will be followed by a double party: 1st drinks and music at the Roxy Art House bar, latter on Closing Party at CinemaAttic (3/3 Victoria Street) for those attending the screenings.
Get your ticket and join our guests list, entrance is space limited!!

Norman McLaren- Spanish Animation today: CinemaAttic new project

Norman McLaren- Spanish Animation today: CinemaAttic new project
Still image form Minotauromaquia, IB Cinema

3rd day of screenings Roxy Art House

3rd day of screenings Roxy Art House
Pictures by Karol Makula

Malu Barnuevo, Coke Riobóo and Carlos Redondo

Malu Barnuevo, Coke Riobóo and Carlos Redondo
Pictures by Karol Makula



CinemaAttic RELAUNCH

hi cinemaattics,

after few months of different activities outside the main core of our field, CinemaAttic has reinvented itself and is now involved in new and exciting projects.

The Spanish showcase in september 2009 was an absolute activity to remember, and that's why we'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the attendants, the filmmakers, producers, institutions and, of course, the invaluable friends that made it happen. Edinburgh is seemingly wearing Spanishness since then...

Nevertheless, past days are behind and it's expedient to move forward. We are here to confirm our next stop, hence this is also an invitation for you all to come up and join us whether you wanna transcend the screen once more!

Hosted by the University of Stirling -best university in the UK 2009-2010- the multipurpose McRobert Arts Centre, the Roxy Art House in Edinburgh and the Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh College of Art) CinemaAttic's next project is Norman McLaren - Spanish animation today: converging identities?

Based upon the variety and inventiveness of Stirling-born animator and film director Norman McLaren, the iniciative will expose and explore the richness and creativity of newly acclaimed Spanish animators.

Thanks to a comprehensive catalog of films and a well-composed programme of screenings, with this ambitious showcase CinemaAttic will offer the spectators the opportunity to approach some of the most significant short films by Spanish animators today while giving new light to McLaren's masterpieces. The main core of the project is the division of the programme into separate blocks of screenings where a theoretical and aesthetic given subject will combine McLaren's achievements with a wide range of Spanish short films in the pursuit of their potential likeness.

Whether there is a real influence of McLaren in the Spanish animation today is a question the spectator will hopefully be able to answer at the end of the sessions.

- Opening session: Dance and music: a new aesthetic at McRobert Arts Centre -Stirling- on May the 12th, 6:00pm complementing Chopin Anniversary: piano concert by Spanish interpreter Daniel del Pino.

- Second session: Diversity and inventiveness: the total artists at University of Stirling on May the 13th, 5:00pm. Activities include screenings plus the conference An approach to Spanish short film animation by specialist Maria Luisa Martínez Barnuevo -Complutense university of Madrid-

- Third session: Pixillation & stop-motion: moving beyond tradition? at Roxy Art House -Edinburgh- on May the 14th, from 5:00pm onwards. Activities include screenings plus the presence of filmmaker Coke Rioobóo -Goya awards winner in 2007 for El viaje de Said, which closes the series of screenings-

- Fourth session: Animation is movement at Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh College of Art) on May the 20th from 6:00pm & Norman McLaren, Picasso and the conquer of the three dimensions: blurring lines from 8:00pm onwards.

- Final session: Diversity and inventiveness: the total artists at Roxy Art House, Edinburgh, on May the 22nd from 5:00pm &
Norman McLaren, Picasso and the conquer of the three dimensions: blurring lines from 7:00pm onwards

Final sessions will be followed by a Closing Party at the Roxy Art House and The Bowery, and from 1:00am at CinemaAttic.

Join our guests list at


CinemaAttic es un espacio virtual, pero también uno físico. Es un terreno creado para albergar todo tipo de eventos y proyecciones audiovisuales, comunitarias y tangibles, pero también es un generador de sensaciones, etéreas e intransferibles. CinemaAttic nace en el corazón de Escocia, pero su dimensión geográfica se extiende sin límites territoriales a través de cada película, y en cada nueva idea de un talento en ciernes.
CinemaAttic nació como agente cultural en 2008 para dar cabida a todo tipo de reflexiones sobre la teoría cinematográfica, pero evolucionó en 2009 para convertirse en una plataforma firme y creativa, encargada de la organización de eventos relacionados en su mayoría con el sector de la imagen y el sonido.
La base de CinemaAttic, compuesta en su mayoría por profesionales provenientes de disciplinas tan diversas y complementarias como la fotografía y la publicidad, el diseño gráfico, la música, la crítica artística, la ilustración o la producción cinematográfica, establece en cada intervención nuestro objetivo específico: servir de puente para unir la capacidad expresiva del arte audiovisual español con la estabilidad estructural del Reino Unido, a la luz de la cual también surge un continuo flujo de talentos multidisciplinares.
La colaboración con algunas escuelas y organismos pioneros del sector tanto en España como en el Reino Unido – el Edinburgh College of Art o la ECAM, la Screen Academy of Scotland y la Universidad de Edimburgo, la agencia FREAK y la filmoteca vasca, Kimuak y Madrid en Corto,…- junto al trabajo conjunto con entidades como la Filmhouse Edinburgh, las National Galleries of Scotland, Segovia2016, la universidad de Stirling o el Consulado de España en Edimburgo, han reforzado los objetivos de la plataforma ampliando además sus límites de influencia.
La combinación cultural de ambas esferas –España y el Reino Unido- es la garantía que ofrecemos.

Norman Mclaren - Spanish Animation: special THANKS.

After months of work, and before we swift off the lights and turn on the projector, we would like to spread special THANKS to every platform, production company, school, institution or individual in their invaluable help to conform this showcase.

In times where the cinema industry in Spain continually obviates the short film, and being expedient to remark the incredible quality of our audiovisual domain in every variety (fiction or animation, short or full-length documentary, experimental or peripheral) this is the list of bodies and/or people that have made this project possible.

Thanks kindly.

· 3D Wire and the guys from Contraplano Festival in Segovia.
· Agencia Española del Cortometraje and specially Beatriz L.
· Adolfo Jiménez and Inercia Films.
· Alejandro López and the guys from Mago Production.
· Ana López and Genoma Animation.
· Anita Martín Martín from C.A.T.
· Ana María Vázquez from AECID.
· Andrew Ginger from University of Stirling.
· The guys from ANIMA.
· The team of ANIMAC.
· Artefacto Producciones and specially María Vicente.
· Asocine Audiovisuales as always.
· Bene Moya.
· Carles Porta and Florence Henrard
· Carlota Coronado and Zampano Distribuciones.
· Cesar Díaz Meléndez once more.
· Coke Riobóo.
· Colvin and the Wee Red Bar.
· Diego Agudo Pinilla.
· Edu Puertas, Irene Iborra and all the Citoplasmas.
· Eneida García V.
· The guys from ESDIP.
· Estrella García and as a matter of course Suso33.
· Federico Palomera.
· Helen from Macrobert.
· I+G Animation and specially Anna Solanas.
· Ignacio Benedetti.
· Ismael Martín and ECAM.
· Juan Ibañez and the AnimationBull team.
· Javier Ideami hence Ideami Studios.
· Jenny.
· Juan Pablo Etcheverry.
· Karl Magee and the Stirling University archive.
· Kiko.
· Kimuak
· Luis Ancillo and his Graphic Solutions.
· Luis Zamora Pueyo.
· Mayec Rancel.
· Nico Matji and La Fiesta Producciones.
· Rafa Toro and his Dog Future.
· Rupert and Movern: The Roxy.
· Sergio Jimenez and the 23Lunes
· Tomás Bases.
· Vicky Azul.


Without you, we are a blank screen.


Collaborators: THANK YOU

Collaborators: THANK YOU


(Note: few films are in English; some have no dialogue; some others are in Russian, Moroccan, Basque and Catalan with English subtitles; everything else is in Spanish with English subtitles)

-Saturday 26th September:
Filmhouse Edinburgh
1.00pm Bardem&Cruz season: Jamón, Jamón (94')

-Sunday 27th September:
Filmhouse Edinburgh
1.00pm Bardem&Cruz season: Belle Epoque (109')

-Monday 28th September:
Filmhouse Edinburgh
6.15pm Bardem&Cruz season : Carne Trémula (101')

Forest Café Edinburgh
8.30pm Documentary Films Night: Nadar (90')

-Tuesday 29th September:
Filmhouse Edinburgh
5.45pm Bardem&Cruz season: Volver (121')

-Wednesday 30th September:
Roxy Art House
5.30-7.00pm Beyond a Visual Showcase Opening Party: music, tapas and screenings.
7.15pm Short-Films (63')
· Pollillas (14')
· Miente (15')
· Traumatología (22')
· Paseo (12')
8.30pm Animation I (45')
· Petite ouverture a danser (3')
· Atención al cliente (17')
· Bendito Machine I (5')
· El desván (20')
9.20pm Documentary (25')
· Heroes, no hacen falta alas para volar (25')
9.50-10.50pm Short Films (60')
· Carisma (10')
· Y todo va bien (16')
· On the line (12')
· Limoncello (21')

- Thursday 1st October:
Filmhouse Edinburgh
5.45pm Bardem&Cruz season: Non Ti Muovere (122')

Roxy Art House
6.00pm New Talents (25')
· La señal (5')
· Dichosos los que sin ver crean (7')
· Sin título (6')
· Looking into the mind of an artist (5')
6.30pm Short Films (73')
· Melodías tóxicas (19')
· Hombres tranquilos (25')
· Nada que perder (21')
· Archipielago (18')
· Sintonia (9')
7.55pm Documentaries (60')
· Asämara (9')
· Debajo de sus faldas (7')
· Harraga (20')
· El hombre feliz (14')
9.10-10.45pm Short Films: Experimental (93')
· El descampado (10')
· The dark side (19')
· Uyuni (14')
· El ataque de los robots de Nebulosa-5 (6')
· Profilaxis (10')
· Máquina (17')

- Friday 2nd October:
Filmhouse Edinburgh
5.45pm Bardem&Cruz season: Mar Adentro (126')

Roxy Art House
6.00pm New Talents (53')
· Maridos de sangre (18')
· 6.05 (7')
· Soledad (4')
· La Banda Europa (24')
7.00 Short Films: Social Issues & Childhood (78')
· Agua (9')
· Hiyab (8')
· Mofetas (10')
· Test (12')
· Huellas en la nieve (20')
· Pim pam pum (3')
· El talento de las moscas (16')
8.30pm Animation II (50')
· Bendito Machine II (6')
· Violeta la pescadora del mar negro (9')
· Solos (9')
· Bendito Machine III (7')
· El viaje de Said (13')
· No corras tanto (5')
9.30-10.45 Short Films: The Marivi Bilbao Tribute
· La primera vez (11')
· Tercero B (18')
· Alumbramiento (15')
· Eramos pocos (16')

- Saturday 3rd October:
University of Edinburgh
10.00am Conference: The Loss of Historical Memory in After-War Spain, and its Reconstruction by Means of the Visual Arts. Panel includes Prof Andrew Ginger (University of Stirling), Prof Nigel Dennis (University of St Andrews) and Mr. Bernard Bentley (Senior Lecturer, University of St Andrews)
12.15pm Break
12:30pm Short Film: Paseo (12')
12.45-2.15pm Documentary: Nadar (90')

National Galleries of Scotland
(Hawthornden Lecture Theatre)
12noon Introduction to Contemporary Spanish Artists on Film
12.10pm New Poetics on Spanish Music Video (40')
1.00pm Video Art by Optica Festival (60')
2.00pm Break
2.10pm Documentary: Lucio (90')
3.40pm Break
3.50-4.50pm Discussion with Prof Andrew Ginger (University of Stirling)

Filmhouse Edinburgh
1.15pm Bardem&Cruz season: No Country For Old Men (122')

- Monday 5th October:
Screen Academy Scotland (Napier University)
6.00pm Documentary: Argentina in Therapy (79') by ex-ECA student Adam Barnett.

Forest Café
8.30pm Documentary Films Night:
· Asamara (9')
· Debajo de sus faldas (7')
· Harraga (20')
· Dichosos los que sin ver crean (9')
· Looking into the mind of an artist (5')
· El hombre feliz (14')

Filmhouse Edinburgh
8.45pm Bardem&Cruz season: Vicky, Cristina Barcelona

- Tuesday 6th October:
Collective Gallery
4.00pm Video Art by Optica Festival (90')
5.30pm New Poetics on Spanish Music Video (60')

Screen Academy Scotland (Napier University)
6.00pm Short Films (83')
· 6.05 (7')
· Traumatología (22')
· Pim pam pum (3')
· Miente (15')
· El ataque de los robots de Nebulosa-5 (6')
· Limoncello (21')
· Alumbramiento (15')

- Wednesday 7th October:
Screen Academy Scotland (Napier University)
6.00pm New Talents (76')
· Sin titulo (6')
· La condición (23')
· Maridos de sangre (18')
· La señal (5')
· Shadows in the wind (20')
· Soledad (4')

- Thursday 8th October:
Wee Red Bar (at the ECA)
6.00pm Animation I (45')
· Petite Ouverture a danser
· Atencion al cliente (17')
· Bendito Machine I (5')
· El desván (20')
6.50pm Short Films : Borders & Tolerance
· Hiyab (8')
· On the line (12')
· Mofetas (10')
7.20pm Documentary: La Banda Europa (24')
7.45pm Break
8.00pm Animation II (50')
· Bendito Machine II (6')
· Violeta la pescadora del mar negro (9')
· Solos (9')
· Bendito Machine III (7')
· El viaje de Saib (13')
· No corras tanto (5')
8.50pm Short Films: Love is not Sex (30')
· Sintonia (9')
· La primera vez (11')
· Profilaxis (10')
9.20-9.45pm Documentary: Heroes, no hacen falta alas para volar (25')

-From 26th September to 11th October:
The Bowery
Photo Exhibition: ''The Main Tool'' by Spanish video artist Nelisa Alcalde

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009


New Poetics on Spanish music video.

Before the screening of Lucio. Lecture Theatre of the National Gallery of Scotland.

Lucio Urtubia talking with professor Andrew Ginger.

Goodbye-lunch with Lucio.


with the Spanish consul Don Federico Palomera: thanks for the bottles of cava

VideoDj by Roberto

Producer and filmmaker Adam Barnett.

Before the first screening, an amazing audience.


Documentary night at the Forest: Nadar

domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009

Bright and colourful artwork for our poster by the amazing friend and artist Sara Alonso.

sábado, 18 de julio de 2009



In recent years Spanish cinema has achieved a new economic and cultural prominence, both nationally and internationally. This began with Pedro Almodóvar’s colourful comedies of the eighties, but became a fully blown renaissance with the new wave of Spanish fi lmmakers that came out of the nineties, including Fernando Trueba, Icíar Bollaín, Alex de Ia Iglesia, Bigas Luna, Alejandro Amenábar and Julio Medem. This, in
no small part, is attributable to a cinema that has embraced modernity over tradition, with its emphasis on youth, fast paced editing and genre. Crucially, Spanish cinema has benefi ted from the availability of an exceptionally talented pool of stars, many of whom have had flirtations with mainstream Hollywood, such as Carmen Maura, Victoria Abril, Antonio Banderas and the subjects of this brief retrospective, Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz.
By tracking the careers of the hyper-masculine Bardem and the sensuous Cruz ,who both shot to fame in 1992 with the release of Bigas Luna’s deliciously sardonic celebration of Spanish machismo Jamón, jamón, we are able also to track the
development and maturity of contemporary Spanish cinema, representations of national identity and gender, and the infl uence of Spanish artists on mainstream Hollywood.

Programmed in association with and based on an original idea by Sandra Franco and
Carlos Redondo of CinemaAttic.


Entre el 26 de Septiembre y el 11 de Octubre de 2009 el colectivo cultural CinemaAttic presenta, con el apoyo del Consulado General de España en Edimburgo y la colaboración de la Filmhouse y la National Gallery of Scotland, el ciclo ‛MORE THAN A RETROSPECTIVE ON SPANISH CINEMA’ que mediante dos eventos principales, ‛SPANISHNESS AND CINEMA’ y ‛BEYOND A VISUAL SHOWCASE’, dará cuenta del pasado, la evolución y el presente de la creatividad audiovisual española y su papel dentro y fuera de sus fronteras, a través de largometrajes y cortometrajes de ficción, documentales, y animación, así como una selección de lo último en videoarte y videoclip.
Una retrospectiva de Javier Bardem y Penélope Cruz.
Tomando como eje central el cruce de trayectorias de dos de los artistas más reconocidos del momento, la Filmhouse de Edimburgo proyectará desde el 26 de Septiembre hasta el 5 de Octubre un ciclo de 8 largometrajes en torno a las carreras de Bardem y Cruz, desde su debut en común en 1992, año de eclosión cultural en España, hasta su última aparición conjunta en la pantalla, reflexionando acerca de la evolución del papel de la cultura española y el concepto de hispanidad, dentro y fuera de sus fronteras.
Partiendo de la poderosa iconografía de ‛Jamón, Jamón’, pasando por el carácter hitchcockiano de ‘Carne Trémula’, llegaremos a los trabajos internacionales más reconocidos como la oscarizada ‘No Country for Old Men’ para cerrar el ciclo con ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ que vuelve a reunirles en 2008.
Nuevos creadores audiovisuales españoles.
Paralelamente y hasta el 11 de Octubre, una selección de obras audiovisuales de reputados realizadores y creadores emergentes, completará la programación de una muestra que ofrecerá una treintena de cortometrajes, varios documentales, piezas de animación, así como una selección de videoarte y videoclip, en diversos espacios culturales aún por confirmar, así como en la National Gallery of Scotland que albergará algunas proyecciones como evento paralelo dentro de la exposición ‛The Discovery of Spain’, tratando de ofrecer una visión completa y sorprendente de la cultura española actual a través de reconocidos realizadores y nuevos talentos en colaboración con CQTC Branding Talent.
La programación definitiva y el calendario de eventos podrán consultarse a partir del 1 de Septiembre en:
Nuevos creadores audiovisuales españoles.
Documentales, cortometrajes de ficción y animación, videoarte y videoclip español serán proyectados en diferentes espacios culturales de Edimburgo entre el 26 de Septiembre y el 11 de Octubre, reuniendo piezas de alto contenido artístico junto a otras de marcado carácter social realizadas en los últimos años.
La particular visión de la familia, el amor, la infancia, los conflictos sociales, el humor, la tragedia, la ficción y la realidad más cruda se darán cita en esta muestra audiovisual de la mano de autores con trayectorias y estilos de lo más diverso.
En el apartado documental encontraremos dos largometrajes, ‛Lucio’ y ‛Nadar’, que indagarán sobre los años de la postguerra civil española a través de dos historias muy personales, y varios cortometrajes como ‛El Hombre Feliz’ y ‛Héroes’, ambos premiados con el Goya en 2008 y 2009 respectivamente, ‛Debajo de sus faldas’, una denuncia contra la brutal práctica de la ablación femenina, o centrados en la precaria situación de la infancia en los casos de ‛Asämara’ y ‛Harraga’, ante los que nadie permanecerá indiferente.
En el bloque de cortometrajes de ficción, la variedad temática y formal viene de la mano de piezas tan aclamadas como ‛Contracuerpo’ o ‛Alumbramiento’, premiado con el UIP al Mejor Cortometraje Europeo en la 64ª Mostra di Venezia, ambas de Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, ‛Miente’ de Isabel de Ocampo, premiado con el Goya 2009, o ‛El ataque de los Robots de Nebulosa-5’ de Chema García Ibarra, con una mención especial en el Sundance Festival 2009, junto a la ironía de los imprescindibles Borja Cobeaga y Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, o la luz de Pedro Touceda y Laura Sipán, entre otras deliciosas joyas por descubrir.
La animación tendrá su hueco a través de varias creaciones que sorprenden por la juventud de sus autores y la calidad del resultado, encontrando desde trabajos en 2D y 3D con tintes de animación tradicional hasta lo último en stop-motion o animación en arena.
Una vanguardista selección de videoarte y videoclip será exhibida como evento paralelo dentro de la exposición ‛The Discovery of Spain’ que acoge la National Gallery of Scotland, gracias a la colaboración con el Óptica Festival de Madrid y Nanouk Films.
Por último, tratando de facilitar un espacio de intercambio entre nuevos talentos de uno y otro lado y en colaboración con CQTC Branding Talent, serán también proyectados algunos trabajos de estudiantes de cine de escuelas nacionales, como la ECAM de Madrid, e internacionales, como la New York Film Academy o el Edinburgh College of Art, así como de otros autodidactas de diversa procedencia.


Between 26th September and 11th October, the cultural collective CinemaAttic will present, with the support of the Spanish Consulate General in Edinburgh and in collaboration with the Filmhouse and the National Gallery of Scotland, the programme ‛MORE THAN A RETROSPECTIVE ON SPANISH CINEMA’. Two main events, ‛SPANISHNESS AND CINEMA’ and ‛BEYOND A VISUAL SHOWCASE’, will help to provide insight into the past and present of Spanish audiovisual creative works. It will also help to understand the role of the Spanish cinematic industry both within the national borders and abroad thanks to the screening of feature full and short length films as well as documentaries, animation movies and a selection of the latest in video art and video clip.
A retrospective on Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem.
Taking the crossing of their careers as the main core, Edinburgh’s Filmhouse will screen between 26th September and 5th October a season of 8 films with two of the most recognized artists today, Bardem and Cruz, since their common debut in 1992 until the last movie in which they appear together. The aim of this retrospective is to reflect on the evolution of the role of the Spanish culture, the concept of Spanishness within and beyond its borders.
Starting with the powerful iconography of ‘Jamón, Jamón’ we will then move on to other important works such as the Hitchcock-like character of ‘Carne Tremula’ (‛Live flesh’)or the Oscar winning ‘No country for Old Men’ and put an end with ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ in which they reunited again in 2008.
Newly acclaimed Spanish creators.
Simultaneously and until the 11th October, a selection of media works by renowned artists and emerging creators will complete the program of a showcase that will include about thirty short films, several documentaries, animation works as well as a selection of video art and video clip. This will take place in several cultural venues still to be confirmed as well as in the National Gallery of Scotland which will host some of the screenings as a parallel event within the exhibition ‘The Discovery of Spain’, thus trying to offer a comprehensive and surprising vision of the Spanish culture today through the works of reputed artists and new talents.
Definitive program and events calendar will be available from 1st September on:

Newly acclaimed Spanish creators.
Spanish documentaries, fiction and animation short-films, video art and video clips will be shown between 26th September and 11th October, in a compilation of both great artistic value and strong social character.
This will be a great opportunity to explore the particular take on issues such as the family, love, childhood, social conflicts, humour, tragedy, fiction and cruel reality by a number of today’s creators, coming from different backgrounds.
In the documentary category we will find two features, ‛Lucio’ and ‛Nadar’ (‛Swim’) which deal with the post-civil war years through both personal stories. It will also include some other short documentaries such as ‛El hombre feliz’ (‛The happy man’) and ‛Heroes’ both awarded with the Spanish Film Academy Goya in 2008 and 2009; ‛Debajo de sus faldas’ (‛Under their skirts’) a reflection on the brutal practise of feminine genital ablation, or the precarious situation of children in both ‛Asämara’ and ‛Harraga’.
In fiction short films, the variety in themes and format will become obvious with greatly acclaimed pieces such as ‘Contracuerpo’ or ‘Alumbramiento’, UIP Prize for Best European Short Film in the 64th Mostra di Venezia, both by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson; ‘Miente’ (‛She lies’) by Isabel de Ocampo awarded with the Spanish Film Academy Goya 2009; or ‘El ataque de los Robots de Nebulosa-5’ (‛The attack of the Robots from Nebula-5’) by Chema García Ibarra, which obtained a special mention in Sundance Festival 2009. Also we will have the opportunity to enjoy the ironic works of Borja Cobeaga and Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and the fantastic light in the works of Pedro Touceda and Laura Sipán, among other great pieces.
The animation category is short but full of surprising creations where young and talented animators display high quality results, using 2D and 3D techniques with traditional appearance, also stop-motion and sand-animation.
An avant-garde selection of video art and video clip will be shown into the parallel events of the National Gallery of Scotland exhibition’s ‘The Discovey of Spain’, thanks to the collaboration with Optica Festival from Madrid and Nanouk Films.
Finally a branch of new talents will show a selection of projects made in some national and international film schools, such as the ECAM from Madrid, the New York Film Academy or the Edinburgh College of Art, in addition to some self-taught filmmakers from different origins.

Welcome to CinemaAttic